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Olifantshoek Community Hall to meet the community's needs for facilities

Olifantshoek is divided into four areas them being Ditloung, Welgelee, Skerpdraai and Diepkloof. The area of Olifantshoek is characterized by individuals who are depended on social grants. Olifantshoek has two halls at Ditloung and Welgelee, however both halls are very far from the community of Diepkloof who are also in need of such a facility, hence Gamagara Local Municipality identified the need for a community hall in Diepkloof in the 2011/2012 Intergraded Development Plan (IDP).

Gamagara Development Forum (GDF) took the responsibility of building the Olifantshoek Community Hall and R3.7 million has been spent to date on the construction of the Community Hall. The Olifantshoek Community Hall is created to provide accessible facility to cater for a wide variety of community needs, including strengthening the cultural, recreational and social activities in the area. The project created employment for the local labourers and local businesses throughout the construction phase.

The Community hall will serve as a safe environment where the cultural groups and choirs from the community can gather, the community hall will provide accessible facilities to cater for a wide variety of community needs including strengthening the cultural and social activities in the area, and also a hub to foster skills development such as business skills and initiatives for the communities within the Diepkloof area.

Beneficiaries are grateful for the sponsor from GDF even though the project was affected by community protest last year in Olifantshoek. The Olifantshoek Community Hall has reached practical completion and Mr Tshenolo Mampe the Project manager: Infrastructure Manager says the only thing that has to be done is the electrical connection from Eskom.

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Gamagara Development Forum hosts the AGM

Gamagara Development Forum (GDF) hosted the Annual General Meeting (AGM) for the year ended 31 December 2012 on 16 October 2013 at Sesheng Hall.


Gamagara Development Forum (GDF) in partnership with Deben Primary School and the Department of Education in Northern Cape,...

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