To identify, select and implement developmental projects and initiatives to the benefit of all our beneficiaries equitably Gamagara Local Municipality area.


To be the developmental organisation of choice to source, manage and disburse funds for the benefit of all beneficiary communities in the GLM;


"Saam kan ons dit doen"
"Mmogo Re Ka Kgona"
"Collectively crafting sustainable communities"


"Saam kan ons dit doen"
"Mmogo Re Ka Kgona"
"Collectively crafting sustainable communities"


We commit to develop sustainable, empowered and prosperous communities through:

  • Investing responsibly in all our beneficiary communities;
  • Building a Forum that provides excellent service;
  • Leveraging the resources and talents of like-minded organisations;
  • Articulating and acting upon the needs of our communities.


Integrity – 'we do what we say'
We are honest, trustworthy and reliable in all our actions and show respect for all our stakeholders.

Caring – 'we live for each other, all the time'
We are accountable and responsive to the needs/welfare of our community.

Excellence – 'we give our best in what we do'
We endeavour to excel in our service to all our stakeholders, expecting to deliver a high degree of quality.

Innovation – 'we apply ourselves creatively'
We are creative in our response to challenges and opportunities facing our organisation and community.

Collaboration – 'we are a team'
We recognise our interdependence in uplifting our community and will work as a cohesive team, forging appropriate partnerships to meet our collective goals.

Empowerment - 'we restore dignity to our communities'
We support autonomous communities that are courageous to take action.