Approach to the Beneficiary Communities

There are several ways by which development needs of a particular community are determined and frequently prioritization is done by cocktailing the indications from various sources such as:

  • Gamagara Local Municipality's IDP;
  • Government Department consultation at both Provincial and District Level;
  • Roadshow consultations;
  • Response to Requests for Proposal;
  • Direct representation by the affected community representative; and
  • Private individual initiative

The communities that GDF works with are:

  1. Dingleton
  2. Deben
  3. Kathu
  4. Mapoteng (Sesheng and Slovo Park)
  5. Olifantshoek

Challenges with the application system - While there may be enthusiastic participation of the beneficiary community interested parties such as cooperatives, once the submission has been done and with the passage of time the community sometimes loses interest. That normally creates challenges when the project is approved and there is no uptake from the proprietor. While that may prove the point that the entity would have been cohesive enough to implement the project in the first place it encumbers the allocated funds for a significant part of the year that implementation was supposed to underway. The main remedy for this challenge could be a continuous engagement with applicants and the community focal point through which they were introduced to the facility.