1. The Chairperson of the Board and the CEO should be separate
    • The Chairperson should be appointed by the Board of directors
    • The chairperson is chosen to act as the leader of the Board and to preside over meetings
    • The manner in which a Board meetings is conducted, unless specifically laid down in the constitution, may be largely decided by the chairperson
  2. The Chairperson should be independent non-executive director

Core Functions Include:

    • Develop strong working relationship with the CEO
    • Ensure there is a clear definition and  agreement of the division of responsibilities
    • Organise the composition, business and efficiency of the Board
    • Enhance the company’s public standing and overall image
    • Determines the formulation of an annual work plan for the Board of Directors against agreed objectives and goals
    • Ensure the Board has accurate & clear visibility of results achieved and likely future trends
    • Ensure effective relationships are maintained with all major stakeholders
    • Lead the Board in the determination of its strategy & in the achievement of its objectives without limiting the principle of collective responsibility for decisions of the Board of Directors
    • Ensure Board Committees are properly established, composed and operated
    • Monitors and evaluates the Board Of Directors and its Committees
    • Plays an active part in setting the agenda for Board of Directors meetings:
    • Normally in conjunction with the CEO
    • Acting as the official channel of communication between the GDF and the Funder (SIOC-cdt)
    • Acts as the main informal link between the Board of Directors and management, and particularly between the Board of Directors and the CEO