The goals linked to the objectives of the Strategy are:

1. To have an active, effective and informed governance framework:
a. Comply to good corporate governance codes (King III) and New Company's Act (Act 71 of 2008);
b. Achieve clean audits at the Forum.

2. To efficiently and effectively manage Forum funds and resources:
a. Ensure effective cost and financial management of the Forum;
b. Ensure appropriate facilities and equipment for the Forum;

3. To be a learning organisation, continually improving the Forum's capacity and capability:
a. Ensure the requisite skills and capacity to deliver on Forum mandate.
b. Build project management capacity to execute multiple quantum projects.
c. Build capacity amongst stakeholder organisations.

4. To deliver a viable project programme portfolio:
a. Review and implement comprehensive project management framework for the Forum;
b. Execute a balanced programme portfolio effectively and efficiently.

5. To improve stakeholder management and marketing of the Forum:
a. Develop a comprehensive marketing and stakeholder engagement strategy for the Forum.
b. Develop and implement strategic partnerships with organisations focusing on people living with disability.

6. To diversify the Forum's investment funding income.
a. Develop the investment portfolio of the Forum.