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Gamagara Development Forum Commits to developing the community of Gamagara

Gamagara Development Forum is committed to developing sustainable communities hence GDF has committed itself to constructing 5 projects which will be highly beneficial to the communities. The projects are the Upgrading of the Olifantshoek Sports Complex, Mapoteng Multi-Purpose Centre, Construction of 200 Subsidy Houses, upgrading of Langberg High School and Hostel and Deben Hostels and the renovation of the Olifantshoek Community Health Centre.

Upgrading of Olifantshoek Sports complex

Gamagara Development Forum has committed to upgrade the Olifantshoek Sports Complex at the value of R 16 925 220.79

The projected is created to improve infrastructure and acceptable minimum standards, thus improving living conditions. Encourage employment of local workers with the emphasis on woman and youth. Develop a maintenance plan. To provide the opportunity, encouragement and facilities for talented athletics to achieve excellence in sports through completion. To ensure that talented athletics, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds can be provided with the necessary facilities and opportunities needed by their unique circumstances.

The project entails upgrading of the existing sports facilities in Olifantshoek, furthermore providing improved infrastructure and living conditions of the community. The beneficiaries of this project will be the entire community of Gamagara Local Municipality in terms of living conditions and engaging communities in mass participation (Getting the nation to play). Talented athletics, especially those in disadvantaged backgrounds are provided with the opportunity to participate and compete.

Renovation of Olifantshoek Community Health Centre

Gamagara Development Forum has committed to renovating the Olifantshoek Hospital and R 22 300 000.00 has been invested in this project. The aim of the project is to provide adequate community health services and to improve the quality of the lives of the community of Olifantshoek.

GDF is working together with the Department of Health on the project. GDF saw the need off taking the responsibility of renovating the Hospital, after the outcry during the protest that occurred in July 2011 when the community handed a memorandum to the MEC of Health with the province. The community members complained about the poor state of the facility, facility not operating 24 hours, shortage of nurses and doctors.

The outcome of the project will be the provision of adequate health services to Olifantshoek Community and GDF will ensure that the community of Olifantshoek is provided with services that are accessible to the community.

Mapoteng Multi-Purpose Centre

Gamagara Development Forum has committed an amount of R 26 233 545.82 to constructing Mapoteng Multi-Purpose Centre (MPC). The MPC will be a one - stop centre integrated community development centre, where community development is of primary importance and community needs are addressed by the providing relevant services and information.

This project will provide a variety of services to the community of Mapoteng as it will provide recreation and learning facilities for the community, it will enhance social cohesion, provide jobs during implementation and SMME development. The centre will have a multipurpose community hall, office block, Library hall with a computer study area. The centre will be a multi-use indoor and outdoor facilities, which will include fields for sports such as football, rugby and so forth.

Construction of 200 Subsidy Houses

Gamagara Development Forum (GDF) has committed R29 658 041.04 towards the construction of a total of 200 subsidy houses. This project is being done in partnership with the Gamagara Local Municipality (GLM).

The GDF has provided a support to the GLM with its quest to upgrade and improve the standard of living for its community in line with the Government policies. This project will create employment for the youth, women and men in Gamagara through the construction of the subsidy houses, present business opportunities to the local business world in the supply of building materials. The project will also provide training opportunities to the youth and woman and equip them with skills in various trades of construction, boost investor confidence by creating enabling environment for business people in the Gamagara area, provide a sense of security and a healthy neighbourhood in Gamagara area.

The GDF will construct a total of 200 subsidy houses over a period of 2 years on already surveyed and serviced stands in the different areas of GLM for the people that are in need of houses. The 200 beneficiaries for the houses will have a better standard of living with a house with two bedrooms, bathrooms with a toilet, kitchen and lounge. The services that will be provided by the municipality will be water, sewerage and electricity.

Upgrading and building of additional classrooms for Langberg High School and Upgrading of Langberg High School and Deben Primary School Hostels.

Gamagara Development Forum is committed to Education and skills development hence R 23 091 220.79 was committed to upgrading and building additional classrooms for Langberg High School and Upgrading of Langberg High School and Deben Primary School Hostels.

The aim of this project is to upgrade school infrastructure including the hostels at Langberg High School and upgrading of Deben Primary Hostel facility. This Project is phase one of the school infrastructure development within the Gamagara Municipality as per the Department of Education specification to accelerate safe learning environment.

Mr Tshenolo Mampe the Project Manager Infrastructure, Land and Housing says that all the projects are currently in the planning stage and the execution stage can be expected to begin in the first week of November and can be anticipated to be completed towards the end of 2014. He says that he is eager to see the projects being completed as they are all going to be projects that are going to serve different purposes and they are all very beneficial to the communities, he added that all this projects will cover the whole spectrum of our Focus Areas which are Education and Development, Welfare and Humanitarian and Healthcare, Sports Arts and Culture Land and Housing and Enterprise development.

All this project have been made possible by the Sishen Iron Ore Company Community Development Trust (SIOC-cdt) contribution towards GDF.

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